Limited Company Name Protection Service

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Form a company to protect the name, but remain anonymous. We will maintain the company and comply with all statutory obligations. When you wish to start trading, the company will be transferred to you for an additional fee of £10+vat. Please note this service may take one or more working days to complete.

Our pricing is for the maintenance of a dormant company, and our service is provided on the basis that the company is retained under our control until we transfer the shares to you. Until the transfer of shares is complete, you have no authority over the company, and it cannot trade or enter into any agreements.

The Annual renewal fee is £54+vat. The charge covers the cost of maintaining the registered office, filing annual returns and dormant company accounts. 1stChoice Nominees Limited will hold the issued shares and provide a director. Notify us once you are ready to start trading, and we will transfer the shares and directorships to you.

Placing your order:

  • The system will supply the shareholder and person of significant control (PSC).
  • You will be asked to supply a Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code; please enter 99999 (this code indicates that the company is dormant).
  • You will also be asked to provide a forwarding address for the address service. Please supply your address so that we can forward any official post that may require your attention. Your address is only for our purposes and will not be displayed at Companies House.
  • You will also be asked to supply details of a director; please supply your own details for processing and data capture purposes. We will amend the order so that your details are removed and a director is provided from our organisation.

You will not be able to change the memorandum and articles of association or the shares issued, you can change these when you take possession of the company. The company will be owned by us (but held in trust for you) until we transfer the shares to you at your request and on payment of the transfer fee. We will be the PSC, and your name will not appear on the Companies House register until you take possession of the company. If the annual renewal fee is not paid, we will apply to have the company struck off the Companies House Register.

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