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BEFORE attempting to collect any item of mail in person please note the following:

Wish to collect your post in person?

  • We need 2 working days notice to arrange the forwarding (although we may do it much more quickly)
  • In accordance with our terms and conditions the charge for forwarding post is £3.50 +vat +Royal mail charge. We charge more for parcels depending on their size and weight.
  • You can arrange to have a courier collect the document. Please provide details of the courier company in advance. If you or a third party are collecting the item we will need ID
  • Unless otherwise advised, the fee for retrieving a document from the archives for collection is £3.50+vat Post should be collected within 30 days of receipt and between the hours of and 4pm. We also require 2 working days notice to retrieve the archived document

Please also note

Note: If the postal item received was unsuitable for scanning i.e a parcel, this will be in the form of a numbered advice sheet which gives a brief description of the item recived.

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