Bank Referrals

In most cases, your first task as a directors or owner of a new company will be to sort its banking arrangements.

To assist you we have links to 3 major high street banks. The links operate only for UK residents forming Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. When you complete your application, you will be offered a choice of bank.

To be contacted by the bank of your choice, simply make your selection when you are completing your order and add your contact details. Once your company is formed our automated link will pass on your details to the bank and they will contact you to process your application.

Merchant Account Referrals

If it is your intention to take money online via a website or as a retailer with a PDQ card terminal you will need to open a merchant account. We have an automated link to Worldpay, one of the U.K.s leading payment services provider.

The link works in exactly the same way as the bank referral service. Simply choose the service and provide your contact details and they will contact you when your company is formed.

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