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Before Your Start

Processing time

Online formations are usually completed within 24 hours. Submissions made to Companies House after 2.45 pm can result in the formation being completed the next business day. However, suppose your application has not been completed properly, or there are other problems with it. In that case, Companies House will only accept it once the issues have been addressed, and the time taken to complete the formation will be delayed.

Newly formed companies are immediately placed on the Companies House register for public view. To look up your newly formed company, simply log on to and select the free web check service. Search for your company by name or registration number. The register will give details of your company, including its registered office and date of incorporation.

When our systems receive confirmation from Companies House that your company has been formed, they automatically email you its details and documents.

Directors and shareholders

A company can be formed with only 1 subscriber (shareholder) taking only 1 share. The subscriber can be either a company or a natural person.

A company only needs 1 director. That person can also be the sole shareholder. Companies and other corporate entities can also be directors, but there must always be 1 director who is a natural person.

A company no longer needs to appoint a company secretary.

Information you will need to provide

Before you submit any personal information to our website, we recommend that you read our Privacy Policy. Our data protection registration number is Z2376543.

For company formation purposes, you will be asked to provide the information set out below:

In respect of individuals:

First name, last name, any former name , date of birth, nationality, occupation, country of residence, residential address, service address, 3 security answers .

In respect of corporate bodies:

Registered in the UK; registered office address, personal details of one authorising officer.

Registered in the EEA; EEA Country of registration and company registration number.

Registered outside the UK and EEA; Legal form of the company, the location of the register in which it is entered, country of registration and company registration number.

Finally, all corporate bodies must provide the personal details of one authorising officer.

If you would like us to register your company for PAYE purposes, we will need the following information:

In respect of the company, the business's trading address, the nature of business, and the date on which you first expect to pay yourself or your staff.

In respect of each director, a contact telephone number, national Insurance number, and UTR (unique taxpayer reference number).

If you would like us to register your company for VAT purposes, we will need the following information:

Details of any business in which you have been a partner, proprietor or director in the last 3 years. You will need to supply the name and VAT registration of these businesses. The date you expect to issue your first sales invoice. Briefly describe the nature of the company's business.

Expected turnover for the first year. For voluntary registration, turnover can be less than the compulsory registration limit.

Provide the first date on which you expect to pay salaries and benefits in kind.

Our Anti Money Laundering obligations:

We are regulated by the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Amendment) Regulations 2019, London Local Authorities Act 2007, and Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines. Accordingly, we must verify the ID of all our customers and our customers' shareholders and officers where they meet pre-defined criteria. We are supervised by HMRC. Our Registration number is 12607698.

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