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Limited By Guarantee Company Formation

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LBG Company Formation


Our basic limited by guarantee formation (LBG) is ideal for social clubs, trade associations and voluntary associations. At least one guarantor is required to form an LBG. Guarantors are also known as members or subscribers. The default guaranteed amount is £1, but this figure can be changed if it is the same for each guarantor. The name of your LBG will have to finish with a suffix indicating that the company has limited liability


Registered Office Service


Our Registered office service has two unique features:1: Any user of the service can also have free address services for all their officers (directors, shareholders, and company secretary). Unlimited service address use remains the case when the service is renewed in future years.

2: Scanned post is stored free of charge in our secure Docustore portal. This means you will never have to search through your emails to find the post we have scanned for you.

Printed Certificates Service


Buy a hard copy of your Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates and Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Certificate of Incorporation is on official stationery with the Companies House seal. Share certificates are numbered and certify each shareholders holding in the company. The Memorandum and Articles of Association is the constitution of the company.

Vat Registration Service


If you intend to register for VAT and can supply us with all the required information to register, our service is fast and efficient. You will need to provide the following information. The nature of your sales, The estimated turnover, Previous vat history, Address from which your goods or services will be provided.

Business Telephone Service


Subscribe to our affordable telephone service and start taking sales calls straight away. We will provide you with your own unique 020 London or regional telephone number. You can use this number as your new business number on your company stationery, website, and advertising media. Calls will be forwarded to your mobile or landline handset for you to answer.

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Limited By Guarantee (LBG) Company Formation

Companies Limited by Guarantee (LBG) are the favoured legal structure of most social enterprises. LBGs are used by charities, clubs, sports clubs, associations, community interest companies (CICs), schools, universities and voluntary organisations. Our service provides you with a limited by guarantee company registered at Companies House.

Please note: We are not able to provide you with a registered charity or Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

About Limited By Guarantee (LBG) Company Formation

Limited by Guarantee Companies (LBGs) offer their members several benefits:

  • In the event that an organisation gets into financial difficulties, the liability of its members is limited. The limit is the amount members agree to pay when the company is set up, normally £1.The alternative structures of trusts and unincorporated Associations do not offer any protection
  • Each member has an equal vote.
  • The LBG structure does not allow for the distribution of profits by a dividend. The inability to issue a dividend makes this structure the preferred choice of grant providers.

Do not include the word “charity” in your company name.

Charity is a sensitive word and cannot be included in the name of a company. To be able to call yourself a charity you need to be registered with the Charity Commission. To be registered with the Charities Commission, your turnover must be £5000 per year or more. The Charity Commission may accept a start-up that has pledges of £5000 or more.

The name of the company must end with the suffix "Limited" or "Ltd" unless you are upgrading your application to take advantage of The “LTD exemption” provisions

Section 60 of the Companies Acts 2006, states that the name of a company limited by guarantee must end with the words “Limited” or “ Ltd”. However, if the company’s objects (aims) are the promotion or regulation of commerce, art, science, education, religion, charity or any profession and anything incidental or conducive to those objects and any profits or funds will be used for the sole purpose of achieving those aims, the company can be exempted from having the LTD suffix in its name. To take advantage of the LTD exemption, you will need to use the service provided on the “LTD exemption” tab above. As you provide details of the company you will be invited to download the Articles of Association and insert the objects at clause 4.1 and manually enter the subscribers on the memorandum and upload the edited version. The edited Articles of Association will be submitted to Companies House and the exemption granted.

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