Company Restoration Service for Dissolved Companies

Restoring a Company that has been dissolved

When a Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership is dissolved, its remaining assets pass to the Crown. A dissolved company's assets or goods are ownerless; a legal concept called bona vacantia. Unplanned dissolution can mean that valuable assets are lost this way.

A company’s assets can be tangible and intangible, for example:

  • Tax losses that have not been utilised
  • Domain names
  • Trading names and Trademarks
  • Copyright material
  • Bank accounts
  • Leases and property
  • Insurance claims
  • Debtors

Limited Companies and Partnerships (LLPs) that have been dissolved or struck off the Register at Companies House can be restored. A company that is restored is deemed to have continued in existence as if it had never been dissolved.

There are 2 ways to restore a limited company or a limited liability partnership that has been struck off:

  • Administrative Restoration - see below for more information about this process.
  • Court Order Restoration - we do not provide this service.

Administrative Restoration:

  • This procedure can only be used to restore Companies and LLPs that were struck off by the Registrar of Companies.
  • An application must be made within 6 years of the date the company or LLP was struck off.
  • The Company or LLP must have been in business at the time it was struck off.
  • Compared to a court order restoration this is not an expensive process. The costs are:
    • Treasury Solicitors Fee of £64
    • Companies House fee of £100
    • Our Fee £85+vat
  • This process is relatively quick because there is no need to obtain a court order.
  • Before the company or LLP can be restored:
    • all outstanding Annual Returns and Accounts will have to be filed,
    • All the Annual Return filing fees will need to be paid
    • Any fines and outstanding penalties will need to be paid.
  • Companies that were situated in either Cornwall or Lancashire when they were dissolved will incur extra charges. The extra charges of £125+vat are payable to Farrer & Co; the solicitors who represent the Duchy Estates.
  • An application may only be made by a former director or shareholder of the company
  • The original company name may not be available if another company or LLP has registered a similar name. A dissolved company does not have priority and will need to change its name. We offer an administrative company restoration service throughout England & Wales for LLPs and Companies. To order our service call us or go to order form

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