Why Choose Us

We are unique amongst company formation agents in respect of the following:

  • Pick and Mix -Simple and straightforward pricing - We don’t sell packages of services packed with non-essential items to create the illusion that they are good value. We offer a pick and mix service that allows you to select only the services you need.
  • Honest and Transparent renewal practices - Our registered office service includes free address services for the company secretary, its directors and its shareholders. This remains the case when the service is renewed each year.Our competitors operate the same charging structure as we do in the first year. However, when the first renewal falls due they charge extra for the service addresses of directors and any other company officers.The additional charges increase the renewal fees, sometimes substantially. The irony is that these competitors claim not to operate hidden charges!
  • Free Document scanning and storing - Clients that use our registered office service can have their post scanned and stored on our secure Sharefile portal hosted by Citrix. Clients are notified that they have mail and can log in to their document portal to retrieve it. This system allows our clients to read their post at a time convenient to them and avoids the need to search through their emails to find their post.
  • Our offer to Non-Uk residents - Our combination of services allows non-uk resident company owners to administer their companies entirely online and without postage or expensive couriers at modest and fixed prices.

Specialist Services

Apart from the usual services offered by company formation agents, we have developed expertise in the following services:

  • Community Interest Companies (CICs) - If we receive timely responses from our clients, it can take less than one week to form a CIC. Applications with more than five officers in the company will take longer. Applications are typically started one working day after receiving an order.
  • Administrative company restorations - Applications to restore a company struck off by Companies House are, on average, completed within five weeks. There will be delays if clients do not have all their paperwork ready or are slow to respond to our requests. Applications are normally started one working day after receiving an order.

Also there is more :

  • Authorised by Companies House - We are authorised by Companies House to submit orders online.
  • Automated systems - Our systems are automated to avoid the need for manual intervention so that the data you input is the data received by Companies House.
  • Costs and charges kept to a minimum - Eliminating the need for manual intervention keeps costs to a minimum.
  • We can process orders for a large variety of corporate structures-
    • Companies limited by shares (LTDs):
      • Companies with a single share class
      • Companies with shares that are either fully or partly paid
      • Companies with multiple classes of shares
      • Community Interest Companies (CICs) limited by shares
    • Companies limited by guarantee (LBGs):
      • Without exemption from using “LTD” in the company name
      • With exemption from using “LTD’ in the company name
      • Community Interest Comp[anies (CICs) limited by guarantee
      • Flat management companies- guarantee companies that comply with HMRC provisions for tax exemption used in the management of a block of flats
    • Limited liability partnerships (LLPs)
  • Affiliate services - We work with a large number of affiliates who can offer useful services to start-up companies. At the time of writing, we are working with the following affiliates:
    • Banking
      • Barclays bank-offering 12 months free banking
      • Lloyds/TSB bank-offering 18 months free banking
      • Card One -non-status bank accounts
      • Cash Plus-non-status bank accounts
      • Mettle
    • Fintech Banks
      • Anna Money
      • Mettle
      • Counting Up
      • Revolut
      • Tide
    • Accounting Software
      • Sage
      • Xero
      • Anna Invoicing
    • Merchant Card Accounts- World Pay
    • Accountants-The London Accounting Company
    • Digital Marketing company - DubSeo

We are rated Excellent by our clients

Rated 4.8 out of 5 by our customers