WIN £500

in our monthly draw


If you are one of our existing clients and, subject to our terms and conditions below, you refer a customer to us, you will receive £500 if the person you referred wins one of the monthly prize draws.


  • You will be eligible to make a referral if
    • You have formed at least one company with us and have opened a bank account via our affiliate bank referral, or
    • You are using our address service.
  • You will need to apply for a referral token number from us. The referral is only valid if the person to whom you made the referral submits that token number to us.
  • A referral is only valid if the person you referred complies with the terms and conditions of the prize draw.
  • Your referral does not give you an entry into the monthly prize draw, that entry relates to the customer you referred.
  • You are entitled to make as many referrals as you like but each referral must comply with the terms and conditions relating new customers on new clients .
  • Each order is eligible to be entered in 1 draw only.
  • Bank referrals only count if they are made and completed via our referral and the bank notifies us that an account has been opened as part of our affiliation agreement with that bank. If you open an account with one of our affiliate banks without our referral then the account opening will not be considered for the purposes of this draw.
  • Both UK and Non-UK residents are eligible to make referrals as long as they comply with all the conditions herein.
  • Your award will be transferred electronically to both UK and Non- UK residents
  • We are not responsible for paying your banks charges relating to the transfer.
  • Non-UK resident customers must make sure that they have a bank account which will accept international transfers.
  • Agents placing orders for their clients are not eligible to be entered in the draw.
  • If your referee wins, we will publish your name.

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